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29 November 2013 / Blog, Testimonials

When my young husband died, I desperately wanted him back. The idea of turning him into a precious eternal diamond seemed such a beautiful idea. Once ordered, I could not wait until he returned. The only joy I received in life was that of receiving an email that updated me about my husbands return.

The day I received my husband back in the form of a diamond, I felt comfort and strength again. My two young boys love kissing the diamond and talking to daddy.

I am chuffed that I can have him back in my life.

On top of receiving my diamond, I was also overwhelmed by the comfort given to me by Anita, who visited me to help me make a diamond. She was so thoughtful and caring and completely understood how much the diamond meant to me.

I have been touched by the whole process, thank you!

-Abbey, UK

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