12 Reasons why synthetic diamonds are better than mined diamonds

29 August 2019 /

Transforming the world of diamond jewelry in the past decade, synthetic diamonds have numerous benefits compared to mined diamonds. These benefits are making them a highly popular option when it comes to diamond shopping.

Considering the fact that they are the same as natural diamonds chemically, physically, and optically, it’s not a surprise that consumers are frequently choosing this eco-friendly diamond option. Here are some reasons why synthetic diamonds are better than geologically-formed diamonds.

  1. Faster production time: A laboratory diamond can be grown in a short amount of time, anywhere from 200 hours, a little over three days, to approximately six to ten weeks. When you compare this time frame to the millions of years it takes to create a natural diamond, it’s pretty clear synthetic diamonds are superior in this way.

  2. Lower price: Regardless whether you choose a laboratory-grown diamond or a natural diamond, purchasing a diamond is a significant investment. That being said, because laboratory diamonds are sold approximately 20 to 30 percent cheaper than a natural diamond – they are by far the more economic option.

  3. More options for customization: Synthetic diamonds allow customers to choose their desired specifications in terms of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  4. Ability to transform a loved one into a diamond: An incredible advantage that can be had only with a synthetic diamond is the ability to have a loved one’s cremated ashes or hair turned into a diamond. Because the synthetic diamond creation process starts with a sample of carbon, companies can extract the carbon used for creating the diamond from the ashes or hair of a loved one.

  5. Fewer imperfections: High-quality laboratory-grown diamonds have less defects and impurities than mined diamonds.

  6. Brighter, whiter, and stronger: Because synthetic diamonds consist of 99.99 percent pure carbon, they are brighter, stronger, and whiter than most Earth-extracted diamonds.

  7. A wider array of colors: Laboratory-grown diamonds can be made in a range of colors, and still retain their pure carbon structure. At Heart In Diamond, we offer synthetic cremation diamonds in the following colors:

    • Deep red
    • Yellow-green
    • Orange-yellow
    • Blue
    • White
  8. Greater availability: If all diamonds purchased were only those that have been mined, the market demand for natural diamonds would outpace supply as soon as 2019. Laboratory-grown diamonds do not have a limited quantity and can continue to be created according to the demand.

  9. Sustainability: Obviously the eco-friendly option, synthetic diamonds do not harm Earth’s ecosystems during the creation process. Diamond mining is responsible for massive devastation and sometimes complete destruction of ecosystems including the waterways near the large diamond mines.

  10. Conflict-free: In addition to the environmental impact of diamond mining, humanitarian issues are also involved. Intensive labor is required to dig deep in the Earth and extract the diamonds. Oftentimes, the countries that have the diamonds do not have legislation regarding child labor and if they do, it is not always enforced. Thus, harsh working environments are often inflicted on the old and young alike. Because synthetic diamonds do not drive the need for more mining and their creation process is harmless to the environment, they are often called “conflict-free” diamonds.

  11. New business opportunities: Truly only a handful of large corporations regulate and own all the natural diamond supplies worldwide. As the demand for lab-grown diamonds increases, so does the demand for high-quality laboratories. This change in the market creates new opportunities for other entrepreneurs to profit in the diamond industry instead of just the few companies that have been profiting for decades.

  12. Bigger diamonds: No longer are large diamonds so rare since they can be manufactured in a laboratory. For those that are seeking a larger diamond, they can delight in the fact that they can purchase a synthetic option for a fraction of the price of a natural stone.

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