Raining Diamonds

24 August 2015 / Blog

From hurricanes to rainbows to winter snow, there’s no denying that the weather we experience here on planet earth is quite extraordinary. Some neighboring planets in our solar system, however, experience even crazier weather—in fact, scientists believe that in Neptune and Uranus it literally rains diamonds. 

How does this happen?  It turns out that the atmospheres in these gaseous giants are composed, in part, of methane—which is made up of hydrogen and carbon.  Diamonds are formed when carbon is exposed to immense amounts of pressure and heat—which are the norm due to these planets’ chaotic atmospheres and enormous sizes.  Therefore, a series of incredible chemical reactions is constantly taking place—resulting in one of the most remarkable weather events in our entire solar system!

Two bluw round cut diamonds and one emerald cut cremation diamond with the heart in diamond logo

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