Mixing Metal Colors in Jewelry

4 July 2018 / Blog

Have you ever heard that you should not mix your metal colors when it comes to jewelry? This piece of fashion advice is mostly a thing of the past – sort of like not wearing white after Labor Day. It has been instilled in our heads that wearing two different colors of metal at a given time is a no-no – especially white and yellow metals.

But times have changed and these clear cut boundaries have been vanished. In today’s world, wearing all of the same metal color may even look too matchy-matchy. If you are ready to step out into the world of mixing metals but are unsure of how to start, here are some tips:

-Stack your metals, by stacking rings or bracelets of different colors next to each other.

-Don’t try to make the ratio of one color to the other perfectly even. It can be more fun and visually appealing to have a higher ratio of one color compared to another.

-Experiment and have fun. As long as your jewelry is beautiful and you feel fabulous when wearing it, that is all that matters!


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