Memorial diamonds to ease the pain of losing a dog

Not all pets are created equal. I know this sounds like a harsh thing to say. I firmly believe that the life of every single pet is equal, but, all dogs are not the same.  


All dogs deserve love and attention, for sure, but some dogs are able to connect with humans on a more personal level which intensifies that canine-human bond. Some dogs come into our lives and change who we are forever. 


It’s those types of dogs that can be so difficult to lose. Losing a dog with whom you shared a deep connection is painful. Going through it, you may feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself, as well. When our dogs pass away and “cross the rainbow bridge”, letting go can be the hardest thing to do.


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Memorial diamonds can provide closure and fulfill a sense of tribute

It makes sense why so many pet owners choose to have either some hair of their animal or part of their cremated ashes turn into diamonds. By having the pure carbon extracted from either type of sample, a pet owner is able to literally take the organic matter from a beloved pet and immortalize their departed buddy by having it transformed into a diamond at the Heart in Diamond (HID) laboratory. 


Our clients share very heartfelt testimonials about love and loss. Some of those stories are about pet owners who recently lost an animal. The professionals at HID have seen, first hand, how creating a timeless diamond from the remains or hair of a beloved four-legged friend can help bring a sense of peace or closure to the mourning period experienced by their owners. Read the following testimonial by Mrs. Evers of Canada: 


“Hello. I’m writing to thank you for the good things you do for people like me. I’m 80 and quite lonely. I loved my dog Booboo very much, but he was also an old fellow and died two months ago. He was my best friend and I’m grieving very much. I just can’t imagine anyone taking his place in my heart. Thanks to you a part of him will always stay with me, right near my heart where he forever belongs – in the form of a grown Heart In Diamond. A thousand thanks for your service.”

The psychology behind the relationship between dogs and humans

Dogs have a scientific connection with humans which can provide many benefits to pet owners. They can help alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. Moreso, owning a dog has also been shown to prolong the lifespan of the human! Check out some of these interesting scientific findings on this very subject. 


Most people would agree that dogs are a source of joy and fulfillment. The science behind the relationship between humans and canines supports this claim. In 2003, a study was conducted by J.S.J. Odendaal shows that when a human pets a dog, their body releases oxytocin, which is the hormone responsible for affection, happiness, and bonding. 


When a person is more isolated, i.e. the elderly or a child with no siblings, a dog can have a profound social impact on that person’s life. Another psychological perspective on this special relationship is that dogs are part of the community and therefore, an important determination when it comes to happiness. 


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Adopting a rescue dog is a move that will not only help bring you happiness, it’s also good for developing your sense of self and well-being. Self-psychology explains that an animal can be a “self-object” that can give a sense of support, cohesion, and sustenance in your daily life. By developing a daily routine with your pet, you’re also creating a sense of purpose and something to look forward to each day. 


Wait. That’s not all. Other studies also show that dogs can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and even add years to the life of a human. 

Losing my special dog, Zoey

Throughout my 34 years of life, I have had relationships with a number of different dogs (seriously, no pun intended). Between the dogs that I adopted and owned long-term and the different rescue dogs that I would home for a period of time, I got to know a lot of different dogs. 


Some dogs can make a connection with you to the point where you almost swear they understood language. It’s usually these types of pets, the ones that make those connections with us, that last in our hearts forever, even long after they are gone.


For me, it was Zoey. She was the dog that stole my heart and made that special connection with me, who sadly, saw the fate of death long before her time had come. I couldn’t believe how she came to me! My husband knew someone that owned her and was leaving her all alone for many days sometimes! She knew my husband liked the dog so we got a call that if we wanted her she was ours.


Poor thing. Her little body was so skinny when she first came to me, and I just couldn’t believe how anyone would ever give up such a precious little thing. She was a miniature chocolate dachshund with long hair and tan points. At her heaviest weight, she was no more than ten pounds soaking wet and she was our sidekick that went with us anywhere we would go.

How a memorial diamond helped me cope with the loss of a pet

One year we went out of the country on vacation for a couple of months and we had our brother-in-law house sit for us and take care of Zoey while we were gone. Tragically, the brother-in-law left her outside of her own house (while his cats were inside and Zoey hated cats), all night long (supposedly just one night), and got hit by a car. 


When I got the news in South America, I was devastated. Before the family buried her, I asked them to cut some samples of her hair for me to keep and they did. Mourning for that little dog was very intense and it still sends a sharp pain into my heart to think about her.


After returning from vacation, I started looking online for things I could do with the hair that was cut from my dog as a memorial. I was shocked when I found Heart in Diamond and saw that they could actually grow an authentic diamond using the hair from my dog Zoey. Everything inside of me told me to go for it and I am so glad I did. 


Now I have the most gorgeous red memorial diamond mounted in a beautiful ring in her memory. The process of ordering my diamond ring also helped me cope with the grieving process because it gave me something to look forward to doing in tribute to Zoey.