How to Find a Diamond As Affordable As It Is Beautiful

3 April 2018 / Blog

Nowadays, a growing number of couples are deciding that achieving financial security before marriage is a good idea — and research regarding both finances and relationships alike tends to support this notion. Unfortunately, many couples also tend to discover that purchasing a diamond ring can be a huge setback when it comes to achieving the financial security they desire (talk about a Catch 22!) A certain slogan developed back in the roaring 20s even went so far as to encourage men to spend the equivalent of three months of salary on their wedding ring! If that sounds as outrageous to you as it does to us, then we encourage you to consider purchasing a lab-made diamond. Boasting a chemical makeup that is identical to naturally occurring diamonds, as well as the guarantee of being conflict free, lab diamonds offer a lot to love. Just as importantly, lab diamonds are far more customizable, and — you guessed it — a lot more affordable.


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