How are Diamonds Graded?

27 December 2016 / Blog

Usually when diamond officials talk about color, they do not mean blues, greens, or pinks. (Such diamonds do exist, but they are referred to as collectively as “fancy” diamonds.) Rather, diamond “color” is used to refer to how pure the shading of a diamond is. Color is typically graded on the following scale:

D-F. Diamonds graded letters D to F are considered to be colorless diamonds. This is the purest color grade, and diamonds of this type ware very rare.

G-J. Diamonds graded G to J are categorized as near colorless.

K-M. Diamonds graded K to M are considered to be faint, and may be visibly less clear than higher grade diamonds.

N-R. Diamonds classified N to R are very light, and may have a very faint yellow tone to them.

S-Z. Diamonds grades S to Z are the most colored diamonds. They tend to be an obvious yellow color.

Three fancy blue cremation diamonds. Two round cut and 1 emerald cut with heart in diamond logo

Three blue cremation diamonds

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