Explore rings for the ashes of a loved one

Explore the different types of rings for the ashes of a loved one

Losing a close friend or family member is usually the most difficult time of life that a person faces. You feel lost. Alone. Empty. While it’s true that nothing or no one will ever fill that void in your heart that came to be when part of your soul left this world with your loved one - there are things you can do to honor their memory and feel more connected to them eternally.

The rate of cremation is experiencing an all-time high in the United States and has surpassed the number of burials for two years in a row. Because the popularity of cremation is rising, people have invented unique ways to use the cremated remains in memorials. From urns to scattering to paintings and more, you have a variety of choices of what to do with the ashes of a loved one. However, there is only one choice that will last a lifetime - a diamond.

A cremation ring holds the ashes of a loved one in a diamond - forever

That’s right, you can have some of the cremated ashes of a loved one turned into a beautiful diamond. The cost of the cremation, having the diamond created, and the jewelry bought that sets the diamond often comes out to less than the typical cost of a funeral and burial. A diamond ring made from ashes can be proudly worn for the rest of your life as a tribute to your deceased loved one.

By having ashes in a ring, you are in a sense immortalizing your loved one, because diamonds are forever. Lab-grown diamonds are identical in terms of optical, chemical, and physical properties to earth-mined diamonds. A cremation ring is something that will surely be passed down in your family from generation to generation. We are going to explore some of the different types of cremation rings you can get from Heart in Diamond.

Cocktail rings from ashes

Are you ready to flash your jewelry for the world to see? If so, then you might want to consider having ashes turned into a diamond used in a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are rings that are larger than the average diamond ring and meant to draw attention with their colors and size.

Many cocktail rings have a large center stone or they are adorned with many smaller stones throughout the setting. The gemstones used in cocktails rings from Heart in Diamond are authentic diamonds made from the ashes of a loved one. The following are some stunning examples of cocktail rings.

Cathedral channel-set 14K white gold ring setting with a blue cremation diamond

If you are looking for a cremation ring that is sure to grab attention, this little beauty will do just that! This cathedral channel-set ring has not one, not two, but three adorned bands of gems that make the ring sparkle even from very far away. The eye-catching brilliant-cut cremation diamond sits beautifully smack dab in the center

Four-prong halo 18k yellow-gold ring setting with an orange-yellow cremation diamond

This brightly colored piece of cremation jewelry will dazzle like rays coming off the sun. The yellow gold combined with the orange-yellow diamond combine to give this ring a nice glowing effect. To further enhance this effect, there are many diamond accents along the bank and in a halo that surrounds the cremation diamond. This capturing look is perfect for a cocktail ring.

Antique rings for ashes

When it comes to jewelry, it’s true that some designs never go out of style. This is especially true when you take a look at some of the most popular rings on the market and you notice that many of them look like antique rings. It’s really not surprising because rings from earlier times are often incredibly elaborate and adorned with jewels and gems. Here are a couple of popular antique cremation rings from Heart in Diamond.

Antique halo 14k yellow gold setting with a blue cremation diamond

This gorgeous ring looks like it could have been plucked straight from the Victorian era. While the intricate halos are reminiscent of an earlier time, the cut and design of this ring give this piece a revived and trendy look, on point with today’s antique jewelry you see making a comeback.

Split shank 18k yellow gold halo ring setting with a ruby red cremation diamond

This vintage style cremation ring for ashes looks like it was truly made for a queen. The ruby-red commands a feel that brings to mind thoughts of royalty and the jeweled double halos and split shanks make this piece glimmer and shine with every single movement. This ring is perfect for the vintage jewelry lover who has lost a beloved family member, friend, or pet.

Birthstone rings for ashes

Every one of the 12 months in the calendar has a certain gem that is used to represent the month. They are affectionately called “birthstones”. When it comes to cremation diamonds, people may choose a color that is representative of the birth month or death month of the deceased, or they choose their own birthstone so that the ring has special connotations of their loved one and themselves. The following are a couple of examples of rings that can be bought to represent birthstones from Heart in Diamond.

Vintage six-prong platinum ring setting with a green-yellow cremation diamond

Birthstone rings are a very popular theme we see among people who order cremation diamonds. Oftentimes the color of a diamond is chosen based on the birthstone color of the person who passed away, or the recipient of the ring. Do you want to get a May birthstone ring for ashes? Our green-yellow diamond ls a perfect representation of the emerald which is used to symbolize those who were born in the month of May.

Princess cut shoulder set 14k white gold ring setting with a red cremation diamond

Another trend we often see from customers who order cremation diamonds is to choose a color that is the birthstone of the month that their loved one died. People who are bereaved can look at their ring and feel a deeper connection to their loved one through this symbolism. This red cremation diamond on this ring is perfect for a January birthstone because it looks a lot like garnet.

Wedding rings for cremated ashes

Wedding bells are ringing and the bling is definitely flashing with these gorgeous wedding rings for cremation ashes. While the cremated ashes of a loved one are often used to create a very symbolic wedding ring, there is another popular source of carbon couples use for these rings - hair. The couple will send in samples of both their hair which are combined and turned into the carbon used to grow the diamond. Here are some of the top-selling gorgeous wedding rings for ashes from Heart in Diamond.

Cathedral channel-set platinum ring setting with a clear cremation diamond

People who are shopping for a wedding or engagement ring often come to Heart in Diamond to have a stone made that holds a deeper representation. Many couples have had diamonds made for wedding rings that were from a beloved pet or family member. This gorgeous channel-set platinum ring would look amazing wrapped around a ring finger.

14k white gold ring with a clear celebration diamond

In addition to having diamonds made from cremation ashes, at HID, we can also turn locks of hair into diamonds. Increasingly, couples who are looking for a very unique wedding ring will send in samples of hair from the couple which is combined and transformed into pure carbon to grow the diamond. This is also a very popular trend we see at our LGBTQ Diamonds division. This wedding ring pictured is one of the more affordable options from Heart in DIamond. The simple band is perfect for anyone with a very modern sense of style, and it’s a great way to draw all the attention to the diamond.

Gala four-prong micro pave platinum ring setting with a clear cremation diamond

It’s not hard to see why this particular cremation ring is one of the top-selling rings from the enter website! The incredibly intricate five full bands of accent stones encircle the entire length of the ring all the way up to the diamond setting in the middle. If you’re looking for an elaborate wedding ring that will make heads turn and jaws drop, you can’t go wrong with this stunner.