Crazy facts about Carats

11 October 2017 / Blog

If you have ever considered buying a diamond, then you have probably heard quite a bit about carats. Here are a few fascinating facts about this important value-measuring measurement that you may not know:

• The carat is a unit of measurement that comes from the ancient measurement unit of the carob bean, which was considered to be exceedingly uniform in weight.

• 3106 carats is the largest diamond ever found.

• Most diamonds lose the majority of their carats in the process of being cut. The largest cut diamond is only 530 carrots, despite the impressive 3106 measurement mentioned above.

• Only 2% of all diamonds are flawless gem quality. And a lower percentage of these actually weight 1 carat of more. That is why less than 1% of the world population will wear a diamond of at least one carat over at the course of their lives.

white round cut diamonds

White round cut cremation diamonds

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