3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing an Engagement Ring

24 July 2017 / Blog

Asking the love of your life to marry you can be nerve racking enough. There’s no need to stress yourself out about choosing an engagement ring, as well! Here are a few questions that can help you make the right choice, and feel great about it too.

What Jewelry Does My Future Fiancé Usually Wear? Even if you yourself don’t know much about jewelry and rings, considering this question should get you off to a good start.

What Kind of Wedding Band Should I Choose? Gold is the standard choice — but white gold, silver, platinum, and even ceramic are all popular
alternatives that may appeal to you.

Should I Go Traditional, or Opt for a More Innovative Diamond? Although the vast majority of couples opt for colorless diamonds, you may wish to go for a more unique choice by selecting a red, yellow, or even black diamond.

Large Asscher cut diamond Orange Asscher cut diamond

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