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What are the Biggest Diamonds?

A South African mine uncovered a diamond in 1905 that weighed an incredible 3106 carats, which is more than a pound, making it the largest diamond ever discovered. Named ¨the Cullinan¨ in honor of the mine´s owner Sir Thomas Cullinan, the gem was eventually cut into 9 huge diamonds and over 100 smaller diamonds. The three largest cuts of the Cullinan eventually became part of King Edward´s royal crown, and can be seen on display in the tower of London. This record pales in comparison, however, with Lucy—a recently discovered star that scientists believe to be made entirely of diamond. Named after the Beatle´s song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the diamonds measures over 4000 kilometers in diameter.

yellow emerald cut diamond from ashes

Other Big Diamonds

  1. The Millennium Star Diamond- The 2nd biggest colorless diamond with the highest rating of color in the world. Found in 1990 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the diamond weighs an estimated 777 carats.
  2. The Sergio Diamond- A rare black carbonado diamond, Sergio was found in Brazil n 1893 and weighs 3167 carats in total.
  3. The Star of Sierra Leone Diamond- Discovered in Sierra Leone in 1972 on Valentine’s Day, this rough diamond is the 4th biggest gem-quality diamond. Weighing in at 968.9 carats, it’s also one of the largest alluvial mining diamonds ever found to this day.