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How Big Do Diamonds Get?

The largest cut fine-quality diamond ever to be found on earth– a gem known as the Star of Africa I, weighs in at a whopping 530 carats! Other very big diamonds are: the millenium star diamond with 777 carats, the sergio diamond with 3167 carats and the star of sierra leone diamond that has 968.9 carats.

Most diamonds that are found are almost as small as dust-like particles. However, from time to time, enormous diamonds are discovered. Diamonds, like most other types of precious stones, are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their size is generally measured in a unit of weight known as a “carat.” A carat is about one fifth of a gram, or a little less than 1/100th of an ounce.

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Some of the Biggest Diamonds

  1. The Millennium Star Diamond- The 2nd biggest colorless diamond with the highest rating of color in the world. Found in 1990 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the diamond weighs an estimated 777 carats.
  2. The Sergio Diamond- A rare black carbonado diamond, Sergio was found in Brazil n 1893 and weighs 3167 carats in total.
  3. The Star of Sierra Leone Diamond- Discovered in Sierra Leone in 1972 on Valentine’s Day, this rough diamond is the 4th biggest gem-quality diamond. Weighing in at 968.9 carats, it’s also one of the largest alluvial mining diamonds ever found to this day.