The Strength of Diamonds

28 March 2019 / Blog

Are Diamonds Strong?

Diamonds are one of the strongest materials on earth, but it’s not stronger than steel or several minerals. In fact, as you may know, most diamonds are all but indestructible, due to the unique arrangement and bonding of the carbon atoms they are made up of. Did you know that diamond tipped saws are even used to cut through extremely tough material like stone and metal? Or that most diamonds are estimated to be billions of years old, and have survived the intense heat and pressure of the Earth’s mantle? This is why diamonds have made a name for themselves as the centerpieces of jewelry like engagement rings. A diamond symbolizes a relationship that is not only beautiful, but strong and everlasting.

several diamonds on a black background

Are Diamonds Stronger than Steel?

A diamond is smoother than steel since its molecules are held more tightly together. However, a diamond is not stronger than steel. Steel is also denser than diamonds because each molecule weighs much more than a carbon atom alone. A diamond’s smoothness allows it to easier to resist wear and tear for tools such as diamond tipped drills.

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