The “Perfect” Diamond - Heart In Diamond

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Diamond?

Confucius once said: “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” As it turns out, he was right! Many fancy, colored diamonds are worth more than their clear, uncolored counterparts–and this coloration is the direct result of a chemical flaw. Though it may not be exactly what Confucius had in mind, flawed diamonds are oftentimes extremely valuable–and many of the world’s most famous diamonds (such as the Blue Hope Diamond, for example) are fancy diamonds themselves. There are more Pablo Picasso paintings in the world today than there are gem-quality fancy diamonds!

diamonds made from ashes in green

The Process of Finding the Perfect Diamond

Diamond mining is a complicated process and involves many steps. For the average person, a diamond is a sparkly rock, but for those who understand the work and effort that went into finding that diamond, it is so much more. Diamonds take years to go from the mine to a jewelry store, and it’s all thanks to dedicated miners and geologists.