Diamond is the birthstone of April

1 September 2015 / Blog

What Does the Diamond Birthstone Symbolize?

The tradition of birthstone dates back to ancient times. In fact, the concept originates in one of the oldest books of the bible, Exodus. Aaron, the brother of Moses, is described as wearing a breastplate with 12 precious stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. With time, philosophers, poets, and jewelry collectors began to link this tradition with to the 12 months of the year, and certain characteristics became associated with each of the stones. Diamond, which is the April Birthstone, symbolizes strength, affection, eternity, clarity, balance, and (as we all know,) unending love.

4 blue diamonds created from ashes

Facts About April’s Diamond Birthstone

  1. The King of All Gemstones- The diamond is referred to as the King of Gemstones because they are the one of the hardest, most beautiful substances on earth.
  2. Colored Diamond Gemstones- Diamonds come in many different colors like red, orange, and black. A stone’s impurities actually determines its color—blue diamonds contain boron, while yellow diamonds contain traces of nitrogen.
  3. A Diamond’s Healing Powers- In the MIddle Ages, people believed that diamonds had curing and healing powers and that they could draw out toxins from the body.

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