A Love Letter or My Dog’s Journey to Become a Diamond

Grief is personal and we understand that here at Heart In Diamond. We were recently privileged to help out two pet parents and for one her cathartic account of her journey has been documented. It is a very poignant and beautiful account of the bond we have with our four legged family.

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How Anita went from heartbreak to hope

“They say that to live from your heart, share from your heart and your story will touch and heal people’s souls. This is definitely the way we think here at Heart In Diamond and a recent interview with our very own Anita Bolton will endorse that.

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Ashes to Diamonds, Creating Your Living Bond

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(British) Daily Mail: Steven Logan, a British worker who has fought against cancer for half a year, passed away just several hours before his wedding with his 15-year lover Kate Rogers. 

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Beatrice Hsu (Xu Weilun) “Girl that Never Gone” — Ashes to Diamond for Memorizing Precious Memories

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15 years ago, people adored this beautiful sweet girl with a long hair as “Sun Goddess”; 8 years ago this actress died in a car accident, leaving many remarkable TV dramas. For her families, this was the most painful, heart wrenching, frustrating experience. To commemorate their loved one, they used her ashes to create 4 golden “cremation diamond” rings as if she hadn’t gone.