Diamonds – Strong Under Pressure

13 April 2015 / Blog

Diamonds are a statement of strength and beauty under pressure.

Formed in the Mantle

Diamonds are formed in the mantle of the Earth and are delivered to the Earth’s surface by deep-source volcanic eruptions.

Nearly 100% Carbon

Diamonds are shockingly only made up of one element: carbon. When carbon dioxide is buried 100 miles under the Earth’s surface and heated to a temperature of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then squeezed to a pressure of 725,000 lb/square inch, a diamond is formed.

Hard as a Diamond

Diamond is the hardest and least compressible of all naturally occurring minerals. It cannot be scratched, harmed, or destroyed by any other naturally occurring minerals, acids, or alkalis.

Test Tube Diamonds

Diamonds that are created in a lab are structurally identical to those that are formed in nature. It takes a very trained eye, lots of testing tools, and specialized equipment to be able to identify a lab created diamond.

New Horizons

Scientists have discovered a new planet – 55 Cancri e – that orbits another star in the Milky Way. This planet, which is highly carbon-based, is about one-third pure Diamond!

Heart In Diamond

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