How strong is diamond? You will be surprised

Are Diamonds Strong? Diamonds are one of the strongest materials on earth, but it’s not stronger than steel or several minerals. In fact, as you may know, most diamonds are all but indestructible, due to the unique arrangement and bonding of the carbon atoms they are made up of. Did you know that diamond tipped Read more

Eureka! - Heart In Diamond

What are Some Diamonds Found Unexpectedly? The most notable diamonds ever found unexpectedly are: the Uncle Sam Diamond and the Eureka Diamond. One day in 1866, a 15 year old shepherd boy named Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs made one of the most important diamond discoveries in the entire history of South Africa, but he didn’t know Read more

The “Perfect” Diamond - Heart In Diamond

As the great philosopher Confucius once said: better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.  As it turns out, Confucius was probably even more Read more

How strong are diamonds?

Diamonds that are created in a lab are structurally identical to those that are formed in nature. It takes a very trained eye, lots of testing tools Read more

Knowledge of Diamonds - Heart In Diamond

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Diamond is the birthstone of April - Heart In Diamond

The tradition of birthstone dates back to ancient times. In fact, the concept originates in one of the oldest books of the bible, Exodus. Read more