Ashes to diamonds:

Let your memories shine forever Heart In Diamond turns ashes or hair of your loved ones into genuine diamonds - now a part of them will stay with you forever in the shape of a sparkling diamond. Find out more

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Heart in Diamond

Founded in 2005 in the UK, Heart In Diamond is now the world-renowned manufacturer of unique laboratory grown diamonds. We specialize in creating 100% genuine diamonds produced from human and animal hair or ashes. Our diamonds are made to celebrate love and devotion around the world, and we are proud of every single love story turned into a stunning diamond.

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Types of heart in diamonds

Cremation and memorial Wedding & engagement Baby Courage Celebration Pets

Human ashes into diamonds: Turn your love into the everlasting memory

Once our loved ones are gone, all we want is to always keep a part of them by our side. That’s why we’ve come up with a technology that turns ashes into cremation diamonds. This way, our happiest moments and most treasured memories won’t turn into dust - instead, they’ll become genuine diamonds. To learn more about turning cremated remains into everlasting gemstones, please see the link below.

Learn more about turning ashes into Memorial Diamonds

Wedding and engagement diamonds

Once you have found someone truly special, it’s only a matter of a special diamond ring to celebrate it.

We are proud to create personal diamonds which will forever carry a unique part of your loved one. By using just a lock of hair, we produce a unique carbon mix that grows over time into a genuine diamond.

Now you can keep your loved one by your side everywhere you go.

Learn more about turning hair into Wedding and Engagement Diamonds

Baby diamonds

If diamond creation is a craft, human creation is a pure miracle: Heart In Diamond is proud to celebrate new lives with presenting personal baby diamonds.

First smile, first bubble bath, first walk in the park, first Christmas morning - each of these moments will shine through your diamond and possess a small part of your big happiness.

In order to create a baby diamond, we use such materials as baby hair, nails, fragments of clothing, etc. Please contact us to see if your material qualifies for your special diamond creation.

Courage diamonds

Heart In Diamond is proud to create courage diamonds from the locks of hair lost during the cancer treatment.

We truly believe that your indestructible, sparkling diamond will serve as the embodiment of your endless strength, courage, and grace. Let yourself shine and inspire others to be as brave as you are.

Celebration diamonds

Whether you’ve just conquered a college program, climbed your first mountain, bought your first house or kept your hardest New Year’s resolution, you are a hero worth being celebrated.

Heart In Diamond is honored to present celebration diamonds which are dedicated to your big life achievements. You have been through a lot of heat and pressure, just like our diamonds, and you show as much brilliance and shine.

Pet ashes to diamonds:

Create a sparkling embodiment of your friendship

Best friends are forever - no matter if they speak, bark or purr.

Whether your companion has just appeared in your life or passed away after years of devotion, our team will be proud to create an everlasting embodiment of your friendship. Our Pet diamonds are created from animal hair, fur or cremated ashes.

For pets other than cats or dogs, please contact us to see how we can assist you in creating your personal pet diamond.

Learn more about Pet Diamonds

Wedding, memorial and cremation jewelry:

Find your perfect setting

Unique jewel deserves a one-of-a-kind setting: whether you are looking for a flawless wedding ring, an elegant set of memorial diamond earrings or a cremation pendant, we got you covered. Our collection of memorial and cremation jewelry features dozens of styles in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our main collection, our bespoke design specialists will be happy to bring your design ideas to life.

We will do our best to create a jewelry piece as unique as your cremation diamond.

Take a look at our jewelry collection

Prices for memorial
and cremation diamonds

Turning ashes into diamonds takes brilliant minds, technological excellence, scientific skills and sincere passion.
We are proud to keep the costs of our cremation diamonds as low as possible while meeting the highest expectations of our clients.

Unique diamonds, flawlessly priced

We believe that diamonds should be affordable for everyone. Please take a look at some of our bestseller options:

¼ Carat


¼ Carat


Deep Red
¼ Carat


¼ Carat


¼ Carat


Please see our full price list here

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Please feel free to choose between the standard payment option (50% deposit payment + 50% final payment) and our flexible payment plans.
Our payment plans are applicable to all Heart In Diamond colors and sizes over 0.03 Ct.

How cremation diamonds

Are made

At Heart In Diamond, technologies are mixed with a generous portion of love and dedication. The production process evolves around carbon: once we extract carbon from hair or ashes, we create the growing foundation of the future diamond.

The next step of manufacturing the diamond is placing it into the heart of a HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Machine. This machine shapes the future size and color of your diamond. Once the growing process is complete, the diamond gets cut, polished, and certified in accordance with the highest industry standards.

How the cremation diamonds are made

Excellent service

Is our passion

By choosing Heart In Diamond, you receive:

Lifetime guarantee for all Heart In Diamond products
The shortest production time on market
Flexible payment plans
Transparent production process
Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau


The package with the pendant arrived right on time. It's beautiful! From now on I'll wear him close to my heart.
I don't know how to thank you for everything. Whenever I know somebody with the idea of getting a diamond I'll make sure to mention your name.


Best, Elisabeth, CA

Just wanted to touch base & let you know I received the ring this morning. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's more beautiful than I could have imagined. My coworkers & I were all in tears. I just think what you guys do is so amazing! What a beautiful tribute to our loved ones, and it's so special to be able to keep them with us at all times.
Thank you so much for your help through this whole process.


Sue, PA

I’ve received my rings and they are more beautiful than I imagined! Thank you so much, again, for all the hard work you guys do and everything you put into it. It’s perfect, I love it so much!


Maria, KS

I would like to thank you and all your staff for making it a special Christmas with the delivery of my ring, I am extremely happy.


Lucille, UK

I can’t thank Heart In Diamond enough for the stunning ring setting and my best friend Bugsy. (My old school friend).
Thirty one years we shared tears, laughter, love and the odd falling out. Now thank you to all your team for the experience of dealing with a professional company and creating an amazing white diamond now nicknamed Bugsy.


Ruth, UK

I contacted Heart in Diamond as I wanted a diamond made from my late husband's ashes. I have to say I was apprehensive as I had not heard of the company, nor of the process really.
However, my fears were totally unfounded as from the very first contact, Heart in Diamond has shown that there is a company with integrity, and who care at a time when you need it most. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heart in Diamond.


Lorna, UK

I received Bella's diamond! It is stunning and I am delighted! Thank you for all of your help and a high level of responsiveness.


Maren, FL

Just want you to know I have received my ring and I love it. Now I will always have my husband with me. Thank you so much!


Shawna, Alberta (CA)

Absolutely love it! Thank you!


Emily, UK

Great, thank you ever so much for all your help. It's greatly appreciated. I love the ring!


Georgina, UK

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